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OweYaa is a web-based platform that engages Military service members & Spouses through an exchange with startups and nonprofits in order to develop skill sets, engage in cultural interaction, and gain civilian work experience.


Why are we here? We are here to disrupt the methods used to reintegrate veterans into civilian careers in order to positively change the way soldiers prepare for their next battle in life, fulfilling civilian careers. By disrupting the process we aim to give veterans and their spouse’s opportunities to explore their interests, develop new skills, and build knowledge and connections in multiple sectors. All tools that we feel will drive purpose and opportunity for more fulfilling, and successful careers.


The founding team includes military personnel and passionate civilian counterparts that see a population of people dedicated to serving the nation in need of a team that is personally dedicated to serving them. OweYaa started out as an open marketplace for people to share their skillsets and slowly evolved into a new marketplace that focuses on using that idea to drive more opportunity and purpose for veterans and their spouses.

Benefits to Military Members & Their Spouses

Every project completed by a military service member or military spouse builds skills, connections, experience and additionally builds OweYaa's military opportunity fund. 10% of the revenues per month comes back to our fund to acquire more opportunities. These include things like paying for linkedin prime accounts, resume builders, educational immersion programs, and so much more!

Our Valued Partners & Sponsors

We are very lucky to have the support of some incredible organizations. If you want to partner up with us, we would love to hear from you!

Veterans Alliance

Proudly a part of the NYC Veteran's alliance dedicated to connecting NYC veterans and organizations.

Serval Ventures

OweYaa has teamed up with Serval Ventures for their pre-seed program to further develop the platform and bring you more awesomeness

Civic Hall

Civic Hall provides great community workspace for the OweYaa team. Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Civic Hall meets all your needs to launching an impactful business!


OweYaa is working with the Startup52 accelerator program out of NYC. This strong partnership is helping OweYaa build a strong business that will impact veterans, spouses, and businesses for years to come!

Want to support OweYaa financially? Contact our COO Brett Williamson for details.

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